About Us

Evrythng Art Studio is a company trying to change the community/world with art. Art is evrything, you can feel it, taste it, breath it and even smell it. Art is more of feeling than anything else, a feeling only the observer can explain which is one of the many reasons why art is beautiful. There is no limit to art! which is why our company will give back in many ways and forms. It starts with me, it starts with you, we all can make a change starting in our community and moving on to the world. When You buy from Evrythng Art Studio, we will give back! A percentage will be donated to change in the community for the better. ( ex. Bulding parks, host food drives, host clothing drives, fixing schools, scholarships and many other benefical ways.) The goal is to never stop growing or changing, it is what makes us human. We hope you enjoy the experience & change we bring!